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Upcoming Events

Follow the events of MRAMP in the Madaba Archaeological Park West and in other locations in Jordan, the United States, and Italy! The events form the core of our project, since MRAMP at its best represents Public Archaeology. We feel that it is essential to link the institutions working in the park with the local communities on one side, and with international publics on the other. For the MRAMP, events are not just a way to inform the public about the project, but also to involve the local people in the idea of the new museum and to raise the interest of stakeholders and tourism companies.

Educational Initiatives

In order to fulfil its objectives in accordance with the principles of ICOM, MRAMP is not only conserving, restoring, researching, and studying the material remains of the history, archaeology, culture, and traditions of the Madaba region, but anticipate education and entertainment among its primary activities.

The Museum will showcase the cultural legacy of the people of Madaba and its region; therefore, it aims to be the vibrant heart of the broader community it will represent by bridging the gap between the world of universities and research centers on the one hand, and non-specialists on the other by means of enjoyable and educational public experiences and events. For this purpose, networking with the school systems to engage with primary, secondary, and high school students will allow for the development of educational activities intended to forge the connection between the youngest generations and their past and legacy, promote awareness of the value of cultural assets, and introduce the students to Museum Studies. Moreover, thematic events will be organized to engage the broadest range of non-specialists and promote local tourism in the Madaba region.

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